Understanding the Psychology Behind the Use of PopUps in eCommerce Marketing

As an ecommerce business, one of your top priorities is to grow your email list. The question is, is there a way that businesses can easily facilitate this process, in the most efficient and effective way possible? The answer is yes—by integrating popups into your website and understanding the psychology that drives its efficacy. Let’s […]

3 Reasons Why Exit Popups Actually Work

Marketers often underestimate the value of exit popups in ecommerce. According to statistics however, 35% of lost visitors can be saved by exit intent offers. That’s a lot of potential customers, which could easily have been translated into actual sales if your ecommerce site was capable of tracking your visitors intention to leave the website […]

5 Simple Ways You Can Optimize Your Exit Intent Popups

Let’s get one thing straight—popups work. Its efficacy depends on various factors like timing, quality, and relevance—but by and large, popups help catch the attention of your audience and raise your conversions. And given that, exit intent popups have become very popular recently. Exit intent popups work by catching your visitors at that critical moment […]

Top CRO Tips That You Should Try Today

When it comes to ecommerce marketing–driving traffic towards your website is not enough. You have get that traffic to actually convert. And signing up for your newsletter, getting visitors to download a free trial, and actually getting people to complete a purchase takes a lot more work. To actually make a major difference in your […]

6 Ways You Can Grow Your Blog’s Subscriber Base

Your ecommerce site’s blog is a critical part of your business. However, a blog readership doesn’t grow overnight. It takes months, even years, for blogs to start picking up. And while you’ve put a lot of effort towards researching and crafting rock star content, it won’t be of much use unless the world knows about […]

4 Ways You Can Generate New Blog Post Ideas

The importance of blogs for ecommerce businesses often gets overlooked in this age of social media marketing. However, blogs are a  proven way to drive traffic to your website. They also help raise your rankings on search engines. They build your credibility in the industry; and can provide relevant content to customers that ultimately, builds […]

Top 10 Must-Read Marketing Blogs to Help Your Online Business

The great thing about doing business in the internet era? Access to information—information about conversions, content, email, SEO, blogging, social media marketing and other topics that are critical to the success of your ecommerce business. Here are some of the best, must-read marketing blogs that you should be paying attention to: 1. Econsultancy Digital Marketing […]

3 Essential Social Media Tips to Help Boost Your Conversions

There’s no better time to start honing your social media skills than today—an era defined by social media and short attention spans. Generally, in relation to traditional forms of media, the rules remain the same—make sure your copy is interesting and engaging, the message has to be clever and interesting. But social media is a […]

5 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty For Your eCommerce Business

Loyal customers are one of the cornerstones of a profitable business. Their loyalty means they are more likely to spend more on your site, they will also visit more often to make purchases, and ultimately, it will cost significantly cheaper to market to a loyal customer. Still, only a fraction of initial sales—27 percent, to […]

5 Ways You Can Personalize Your eCommerce Strategy

Brick and mortar stores have the opportunity to study their customers in person and base their approach on their observations. Things like where in the store they are heading to first, how they are dressed, what they are looking for all factor in. The boom of shopping on the internet prompts an inevitable shift to […]