When in doubt, test it.

But in case you need a little bit more push to start A/B testing, we’re giving you 15 reasons why you should–

#1. A/B testing gives you actual data on how people interact with your site. No more guessing.

#2. A/B testing can confirm or disprove information provided by other tools used to gather qualitative data such as eyetracking, heatmaps.

#3. A/B testing provides quantitative data, which minimizes possible errors.

#4. A/B testing is a great starting point for when you design your landing pages and site.

#5. A/B testing has been known to deliver dramatic and positive conversion numbers.

#6. A/B testing allows alternative conversion funnel tests.

#7. A/B testing gives you actual proof what works and what doesn’t, thus allowing your to compile a “best practices” template.

#8. A/B testing delivers insights that can be applied on your other marketing efforts—both online and offline.

#9. A/B testing allows for easier in-depth analytics.

#10. A/B testing allows you to isolate and test only interesting potential interaction effects without wasting traffic.

#11. A/B testing gives you quantifiable data that supports marketing hypotheses.

#12. A/B testing does not tempt you to end the test before statistical confidence.

#13. A/B testing allows you to test your marketing strategy and core value proposition.

#14. A/B testing simplifies the testing process.

#15. A/B testing results gives you data for easily actionable steps.


There you have it–15 reasons why you should really start A/B testing already.

If you have more to add to this list, feel free to discuss it in the comment section below. We would love to your thoughts.

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