3 Ways Your Online Store Can Use Facebook for Lead Generation

Perhaps there’s no better platform available today that has the potential to generate more leads for your ecommerce site better than Facebook. It’s accessible, it offers a massive amount of consumer data, and through the years, it’s been making it easier for marketers a to seamlessly combine brand visibility through Facebook ads and opportunities for […]

15 Reasons Why You Should Start A/B Testing

When in doubt, test it. But in case you need a little bit more push to start A/B testing, we’re giving you 15 reasons why you should– #1. A/B testing gives you actual data on how people interact with your site. No more guessing. #2. A/B testing can confirm or disprove information provided by other […]

5 Ways Videos Can Improve Your Online Conversions  

A recent survey conducted by Liveclicker, as published in MarketingLand, show that “retailers using product videos report much higher average order value and conversion rates.” The survey included large retailers Best Buy, Newegg, OnlineShoes and Under Armour. Over half (57 percent) of retailers surveyed reported average order value (AOV) increases of at least 50 percent […]

The Top 10 Conversion Rate Experts You Should Follow On Twitter

By now you know—conversions, and everything related to it, is a big deal. For ecommerce sites, the goal is of course, to raise it. And there’s a lot to read and learn about so that you can do so easily and effectively. So we thought we’d help you out and narrow down the numerous resources […]

3 Simple Ways to Structure Content To Make It Engaging For Both Readers and Scanners  

There are numerous rules that marketers should keep in mind when they’re creating content for the internet—keep it engaging, don’t oversell, make it visually interesting, use pictures, use bullet points, etc. etc. Buf if you have to remember just one, single thing, let it be this—your audience’s attention spans are very short. Amid the clutter […]

5 Types of Social Media Platforms You Can Use for eCommerce

The idea that we live in a world where everyone is connected is a popular one. And today, with the advent of social media, the concept has been visualized and concretized. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. show your connection to friends and friends of friends. Every social media platform that you’re on helps you […]

5 Strategies You Can Use to Improve Conversions From Blog Posts

You put all that effort to creating a blog post—researching a great topic, reading about it, writing it, promoting it even, so that it gets great traffic. But do you notice if it’s actually doing something for your ecommerce site? The whole point of developing content for your site is so that you can generate […]

5 Big Ways Psychology Affects Conversions

As ecommerce evolves, as technology to support and complement it gets more advanced, the psychology behind convincing and converting, essentially, stays the same. The key to successfully converting your users is basically anchored on how well you understand customer behavior and their mental process. Making an effort to do so gives you insight into how […]

Top 8 Conversion Optimization Statistics That You Should Know  

We’re finally at the mid-year mark of 2016–and it’s about time that we round up some of the numbers that will help us understand how the ecommerce industry and the marketers behind them continue to drive businesses forward. We’re letting the numbers speak for themselves—here’s a look at the top conversion optimization statistics that can help […]

7 WordPress Plugins That Can Help Boost Conversions

With WordPress being one of the most, if not the most, popular content management system today, it’s very likely that you’re using it yourself. It not only makes managing web content easier and more streamlined, you also have access to a host of of plugins to choose from; designed to achieve, directly or indirectly, one […]