5 Exit Pop Up Strategies That Can Help Improve Your eCommerce Conversions

Some people hate them, others love them—but regardless of how you feel about popups, the truth of the matter is that they can give you the conversions that you need. Especially when used correctly. Let’s get even more specific. Exit popups happen to be one of the best ways you can gather your user’s data, […]

Top 5 Factors Limiting Your eCommerce Conversions and How You Can Fix Them

Let’s talk numbers—after all, as an eCommerce site, that should always be your priority. Smart Insights just compiled an informative collection of statistics that explains user behavior and purchasing habits. Assuming you already know your targets inside-out and the strategies you need to implement to reach them, take this time to learn about the numbers that drive the […]

8 Ways to Give Your Sales a Boost After the Holiday Spike Ends

The holidays are great for business. But now that the you’re coming to the end of the first quarter of the year, fresh after that massive holiday spike, you might have noticed a dip in your sales or conversions. Not to worry, for any eCommerce site, this is perfectly normal; but that doesn’t mean you […]

19 Trust Indicators To Boost Your eCommerce Store Conversions

Your website is arguably the single, most important element that can vouch for your business these days. How it looks and works will lend itself to building that all-important first impression. With that in mind, the goal therefore is to build a website that ensures visitors will convert into paying customers—who will trust your website […]

4 Design Trends for 2016 to Improve User Experience On Your eCommerce Site

Like any other field of design, the aesthetics that drive credibility and visual appeal for websites come and go. In the case of eCommerce sites, design trends are anchored as much on your user’s changing tastes as well as advancements in technology; and staying up to date with these trends will ultimately shape the user’s […]

5 Easy Ways to Increase Conversions With Personalized Content For Visitors

The merits of customizing content to resonate and relate better with your audience are numerous. It helps engage your reader, create rapport and build loyalty with your readers. There are instances however when this can prove to be difficult. For instance, websites, which speak to a general audience, make it hard to pinpoint the kind […]

6 Super Simple Ways to STOP People From Abandoning Their Shopping Carts

Think of your ecommerce site… It’s filled with a lot of quality items that are showcased conveniently online. You invest a decent amount of energy, effort and money to promote and publicize your site to drive interested shoppers to it. And in between every keyword, meta tag, social media post, back link and painstakingly written […]

7 Lead Magnet Ideas to Boost Your e-Commerce Store Conversions

Research shows that the bulk of e-commerce stores experience a conversion rate of below 3%, meaning the sales potential of their websites is seemingly under-performing. Your website is probably facing this same challenge. This low rate of conversion also means that you are could be getting a negative ROI, on the money and time you […]

14 Tips On Using Popups To Increase Conversions On Your Online Store

Among all the online marketing tools employed to increase conversions, popups get a really bad rap. A long standing belief is that popups are unwelcome, annoying and persistent distractions on any website. But when a popup is used correctly, meaning they appear at the right time, in a timely fashion and more importantly, offer something […]

5 Tips to Use Popups on Your Website Without Annoying Your Visitors

Pop ups seem to have been around forever. And with the cleansing of the unsavoury elements they used to contain – seem to be here for the foreseeable future. Clicking on most websites will confirm this! Cue: collective groan…..but save your breath, and try to lower your blood pressure. The devil that they once were […]