7 Lead Magnet Ideas to Boost Your e-Commerce Store Conversions

Research shows that the bulk of e-commerce stores experience a conversion rate of below 3%, meaning the sales potential of their websites is seemingly under-performing. Your website is probably facing this same challenge. This low rate of conversion also means that you are could be getting a negative ROI, on the money and time you […]

14 Tips On Using Popups To Increase Conversions On Your Online Store

Among all the online marketing tools employed to increase conversions, popups get a really bad rap. A long standing belief is that popups are unwelcome, annoying and persistent distractions on any website. But when a popup is used correctly, meaning they appear at the right time, in a timely fashion and more importantly, offer something […]

5 Tips to Use Popups on Your Website Without Annoying Your Visitors

Pop ups seem to have been around forever. And with the cleansing of the unsavoury elements they used to contain – seem to be here for the foreseeable future. Clicking on most websites will confirm this! Cue: collective groan…..but save your breath, and try to lower your blood pressure. The devil that they once were […]