Ingresse Gains Over 4000 Subscribers in Just 60 Days

Executive Summary

Ingresse is a company that is focused on simplifying the process of purchasing tickets for any event for consumers. With the intent of increasing the overall performance of the business, Ingresse sought the help of ConversionMonk to increase traffic to their site, convert that traffic into subscribers and ultimately, raise conversion rates.

Since working together, Ingresse has:


Generated over 4000 new subscribers in just a 60 day period.


Got a huge 5.06% spike in conversion rates.


Campaigns targeted to specific locations and events resulted in conversion rates as high as 6.96%.

About Ingresse

Ingresse is a company that works to facilitate the purchase and sale of tickets online for various events. Their website simplifies the process of choosing an event, buying the tickets via a secure platform and offering features such as smartphone integration—which allows buyers to bring their tickets on their mobile devices—for added convenience.


Low conversion rate

Generally, the site has always experienced low conversion rates, implying a lot of missed sales opportunities.

Inability to capture contact information of interested customers

Despite interest for the site’s services, Ingresse’s inability to capture information also translated to lost prospects.

Unable to segment audiences based on location

Ingresse is a business that is anchored on various events held around the country. To that end, the inability to segment audiences based on location meant campaigns weren’t being directed towards relevant audiences.

“We are open to try new tools that can increase overall performance of our business and ConversionMonk seemed to attack that issue we mentioned before.”

Fabio Saito

Marketing & BI @ Ingresse

How Conversionmonk Helped

Generated a significant subscription base

Thanks to a more segmented and therefore strategic approach to marketing, Ingresse was able to significantly increase their subscribers in the given time period.

Raising conversion rate

Given the more targeted efforts, ConversionMonk was able to convert subscribers at a significant rate.

Segmented campaigns resulted better communications

Given that segmented campaigns allowed Ingresse to deliver more specific and ensure relevant content to various locations, this resulted in improved conversion rates.

“As we segmented our campaigns per region, we were able to capture leads more strategically.”

Fabio Saito

Marketing & BI @ Ingresse


Segmented campaigns allowed the business to flourish given that Ingresse was now able to communicate specific events based on location. This ensured that events were relevant to the audience viewing them and resulted in conversion rates as high as 6.96%. In just 60 days, a subscriber base of 4,084 individuals were generated, which ultimately led to a huge overall spike of 5.06% in conversion rates.

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