Kimberfire Increases Conversions by 29% Through Targeted Lead Generation

Executive Summary

Within industries like the jewelry business, specifically diamonds, Kimberfire was a brand that received a respectable level of engagement and conversions via their website. However, there was certainly room for improvement. There was an opportunity to improve conversion rates through strategic implementation of key marketing tactics by bringing ConversionMonk on as a partner, which ultimately led to:


Ensuring 100% highly targeted leads for store walk-ins.


Building a subscriber base of over 300.


Increasing conversions by 29% through A/B testing.

About Kimberfire

Kimberfire provides customers with a better way to buy fine diamond jewelry and loose diamonds in Toronto, Canada. They provide direct access to wholesale diamonds and custom jewelry manufacturing, thus allowing Kimberfire to ensure consistent quality and selection at very competitive prices.


Unable to target high-value local customers

Kimberfire’s site was performing well enough, but there was a lot of opportunity to grow their business online. Traffic to Kimberfire website has been growing consistently, but conversion rates remained low. This implied that the leads they were getting were low quality as there was no guarantee that the lead was actually from Toronto, where the business was based.

Inability to stay top-of-mind among potential customers

For customers who did end up on the Kimberfire site but weren’t ready to make a purchase yet, the site had no way of facilitating communication or gathering their contact information. This meant that there was no guarantee that Kimberfire would be top-of-mind once they were ready to complete a transaction.

Low conversion rates

Educating potential customers on the product and quality of service is critical to ensuring conversions. However, Kimberfire didn’t have the necessary strategy and tools in place to reach out to interested customers and communicate what sets their brand apart from competition. This affected their conversion rates negatively.

"ConversionMonk has enabled us to gather contact information for potential clients that may not have been ready to contact us immediately, and it has given us a way to stay top of mind for them as we continue to educate them about our services and product offerings."

Jonathan Goldberg

President & CEO | Kimberfire

How Conversionmonk Helped

Drawing high value geo-targeted leads

Given that the business is located in Toronto, Canada, it was important that messaging on the website communicated to a very specific demographic. Using geotargeting, ConversionMonk ensured that key messaging was delivered only to Toronto residents, thus ensuring high-value leads with higher potential of converting.

Facilitating data collection

Providing a way to reach out to customers was key to making sure that Kimberfire stayed top-of-mind. Collecting contact information via ConversionMonk’s platform meant Kimberfire could easily capture basic contact information. This included name & email addresses so that Kimberfire could consistently reach out to potential customers and educate them.

Increasing conversions

By utilizing ConversionMonk’s A/B testing feature, Kimberfire could assess and test the best approach for reaching out to customers via presenting varying messaging, colors, designs, layouts, and visuals to maximize conversion potential. This ultimately translated to higher conversions.

"Since implementing ConversionMonk, we have reached out directly to subscribers of our offer and this has resulted in sales that we may not have realized otherwise."

Jonathan Goldberg

President & CEO | Kimberfire


By employing geo targeted popup campaigns, ConversionMonk was able to deliver 100 %, high-value leads for Kimberfire store that led to positive conversions. This ultimately allowed Kimberfire to go from from mediocre metrics to raising their conversions by 29%. This effort was supported by a more strategic marketing strategy, which they achieved via A/B testing. In addition, through ConversionMonk, Kimberfire was also able to collect over 300 subscribers who the company could contact and reach out to regularly and educate about the brand.

“We had a client admit to signing up for our offer and receiving a lot of value from it. The fact that he mentioned this in our location prior to making a purchase says a lot! [...] What have you got to lose? Try it for a month and watch it pay for itself in dividends.”

Jonathan Goldberg

President & CEO | Kimberfire

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