We Do Logos Grows Subscription by 25% and Gets 15% Improvement In Sales

Executive Summary

We Do Logos had a very novel approach to the traditional design services. Instead of an outright transaction, the company sought to have various designers compete with each other. Anchored on this unique premise and the company’s efforts to drive traffic to the site via various marketing strategies, they were able to significantly increase traffic to their site by 367% in just 3 months. This huge spike however, wasn’t translating into sales.

At this point, We Do Logos sought the help of ConversionMonk to gather high quality leads, which resulted in:


A 25% rise in their subscription base.


Converting leads 3 times higher than other softwares.


Generating a 15% improvement in sales.

About We Do Logos

We Do Logos is the first site that follows a Creative Contest System for logo designs in Brazil. The site essentially serves as a middleman between hundreds of designers and micro-entrepreneurs, where they can compete to create custom logos following the requirements of the client. For companies, this gives them access to numerous design options and artwork. For designers, it fosters a professional competitive spirit between fellow artists. The designer whose art has been chosen then receives a cash prize for their work.


Inability to convert existing traffic into actual customers.

Despite the volume of traffic the site received, We Do Logos was unable to convert this traffic into actual leads. This meant they were losing a lot of sales opportunities because they were unable to compellingly communicate their unique business proposition.

Unable to find the right software to address their objectives.

To address the first challenge, the company looked to similar software offered by Hellobar, Leadin, and Optinmonster. However, none of the brands delivered the desired results and addressed their objectives.

Leads weren’t translating into sales.

A big part of We Do Logos success is anchored on how well clients and designers understood their innovative system—this is how leads actually become sales. This wasn’t the case with their existing strategy; meaning they were unable to clearly communicate their value proposition clearly to potential customers.

"[So] we started to use ConversionMonk to help us to get more leads and offer to the user a different proposition. We set up few different offers to the site and blog, and a lot of A/B tests to see what converts more."

Pedro Renan

CMO – We Do Logos

How Conversionmonk Helped

Increasing the subscription base through highly targeted strategies

ConversionMonk allowed We Do Logos to revise their strategy so that they delivered better results. This included focusing on more specific communications that demonstrated the unique advantages to availing of design services following the company’s Creative Contest System. This was done via A/B testing to determine what was the best way to deliver the brand’s key messages to their target audience.

Raising conversion rates

Following a more targeted approach to communication allowed We Do Logos to track which was the best way to communicate to their audience and see which method actually coverts more.

Translating leads into actual sales

All these efforts led to ConversionMonk helping the company move their bottom line. A more targeted marketing approach combined with tailored strategies that can be measured allowed We Do Logos to raise their sales.


Through targeted popups, ConversionMonk was able to deliver a 25% increase in We Do Logos subscription base. Comparing results from other companies that We Do Logos worked with, ConversionMonk was able to deliver conversions 3 times more than companies like Hellobar, LeadIn, and Optinmonster. All these contributed to the 15% rise in actual sales.

"First of all the support is amazing. The initial contact, the demonstration of the software, the set up of campaigns etc. All my doubts were solved in few minutes…"

Pedro Renan

CMO – We Do Logos

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