Wiley Increases Page Views by 12.3% and Raises Conversions by 6.48%

Executive Summary

Wiley’s core business focused on providing online educational materials designed to help customers increase their academic success. Despite the steady flow visitors to the site, Wiley had a high bounce rate, which didn’t give them enough time to present their offers.

By working together with ConversionMonk they were able to:


Streamline their marketing campaign


A 12.37% rise in page views that helped reduced bounce rates significantly.


Gather high quality leads through targeted campaigns leading to 6.48% rise in conversions.

About Wiley

Wiley helps people and organizations develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed through their online scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly journals. Combined with digital learning, assessment and certification solutions help universities, learned societies, businesses, governments and individuals, customers are able to increase the academic and professional impact of their work. The company has been delivering consistent performance to stakeholders for over 200 years.


High bounce rates

Wiley was unable to keep new visitors on the site without having them bounce off immediately. This prevented Wiley from presenting relevant information regarding offers that could potentially usher visitors through the conversion funnel.

Low quality leads

Wiley has a wide range of products, but their inability to present offers that were specific to a visitor’s needs prevented them getting the most out of their leads.

Inability to streamline marketing efforts

Wiley has gathered a significant subscriber base given its years in the industry. However, the need to automate certain aspects of their marketing initiatives was evident, especially with the company seeing consistent growth.

How Conversionmonk Helped

Increase time spent on site

To reduce bounce rates, ConversionMonk sought to increase each visitor’s time spent on site with a traffic redirection campaign. This gave them enough time to introduce relevant offers that would usher them further through the website.

Not only did this provide a way for visitors to spend more time on the landing page, it also increased the probability of visitors to be introduced to the best offers that Wiley had for their needs.

Implementing targeted campaigns.

ConversionMonk wanted to increase the potential of visitors converting by making sure that they were able to show the most relevant content that could address their needs.

Wiley carried multiple educational products across numerous topics and randomly showing offers just for the sake showing something proved to be ineffective. Targeted campaigns ensure that offers being presented are related to whatever the visitor is viewing, therefore raising the chances of conversion.

Streamlining marketing initiatives

ConversionMonk could easily be integrated into Wiley’s existing mailing software thus allowing them to easily automate their marketing campaigns. This was essential in their efforts to streamline their marketing efforts and provide an easy way to facilitate follow ups among their subscriber base.


Combining efforts to simplify their marketing communications with campaigns designed to increase visitors time on site and display more targeted offers, Wiley was able to create specific email lists allowing Wiley to reach out to customers faster and easier for better customer service. They also managed to Improve visitors time on site, thus giving customers ample time to view specific offers related to their needs leading to a 6.48% rise in conversions. Finally, using ConversionMonk led to an Increase of 12.37% for page views, which helped bring down Wiley’s bounce rate.

"ConversionMonk helped us immensely in our lead generation campaigns. Not only did we get more qualified leads, we were also able to integrate CM with our mailing software to automate our email marketing campaigns to these new leads. CM gets a big thumbs up!"

Richa Sharma

Marketing – Wiley

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