Yesware Gets 2,955 Additional Subscribers and 4,415 New User Trials

Executive Summary

Yesware is a software company that’s run by a team of industry experts who understood the importance of marketing for ecommerce. To that end, their website had all the traditional, key elements required to grow their company. Yesware had a blog that drew users to the site, and marketing elements designed to capture their visitor’s attention and usher them further through their conversion funnel. Unfortunately, these basic marketing efforts weren’t enough. Which is where ConversionMonk comes in.


ConversionMonk became Yesware’s #1 source of email subscribers.


This led to Yesware gaining an additional 2,955 email subscribers.


Yesware gained 4,415 user trials.

About Yesware

Yesware is an all-in-one sales toolkit for data-driven sales organizations. The company is designed to help ecommerce businesses connect with prospects, track customer engagement, and close more deals, right from Gmail or Outlook.


Unable to maximize conversion potential.

Yesware’s current marketing strategy included a lead magnet, which offered regular updates about the company and a free trial for visitors. The problem was, visitors were not taking up Yesware on this because their current marketing strategies didn’t make these offers very visible. Prior to ConversionMonk, they simply had the option to sign up available on the sidebar and a small notification alert.

Inability to increase free user trials.

While Yesware was getting a decent volume of visitors to their blog, this traffic wasn’t moving to the actual website. This meant that before Yesware could present their offer to visitors, they were already bouncing off the site.

Inability to track free trial installations.

Users availing of the free trial being offered would come from existing and different channels Yesware was already using. Unfortunately, tracking these signups proved to be very challenging and complicated. Anchored on the premise that you cannot review what you couldn’t measure, there was a need to find a way to track how much free trial installations various channels were bringing in.

How Conversionmonk Helped

ConversionMonk became the #1 reason for subscription growth.

Because users were bouncing off the site before Yesware could present their offer, ConversionMonk used exit popups to make their option to subscribe more visible to visitors. Exit popups are designed to be shown the moment a visitor decides to bounce off the site, which meant they were able to communicate their offer at this critical comment and potentially change their mind about leaving the site.

Adding a mechanism that helped make subscription options more visible to users helped grow Yesware’s subscription base and ensure that the popups were designed to minimize disruption to the overall user experience.

Increased their free user trials.

By strategically presenting the offer via popups, ConversionMonk was able to present Yesware’s lead magnet, which was their free trial offer, and encourage more visitors to install their software. This was important given that one of their challenges that they were unable to present this offer before users left the site.

Gave Yesware the ability to track and measure user trials.

Determining the importance and effectiveness of Yesware’s efforts was dependent on their ability to track how many users were downloading their free trial. Through ConversionMonk, who customized the technology for Yesware, they were now able to identify and track sign ups driven by ConversionMonk. This allowed them assess how effective ConversionMonk was for their business.


By implementing popups, which ultimately provided a more visible way to communicate and capture the attention of users, ConversionMonk became the primary source of email subscribers for Yesware. This led to Yesware gaining an additional 2,955 email subscribers, demonstrating just how effective the new marketing strategy was for the company. It also resulted in Yesware gaining 4,415 new user trials for their lead magnet offer.

"ConversionMonk instantly helped us grow our subscriber list for the blog. Within two weeks, it became our #1 source of subscription list growth. I'm now trying to figure out how else we can use it!"

Andrew Archer

VP Marketing – Yesware

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